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People around the world nowadays live in a very stressful and hectic environment. With this kind of lifestyle, there isn’t much time for them to sit down and relax or even enjoy the fun of gaming. Playing video games has been proven to be an effective way to help reduce stress even for adults.With the increased cost on the production of these games, it can be very expensive to keep buying new games to play. Parents may not afford to purchase these games for their kids and working adult will think twice before they spend their hard earned money on video games.That’s why lots of websites now actually let you play free video games online. These games are created by small and independent group of game developers. They often survive by selling advertisement space on their sites or within their games, but there are also some that go ¬†on solely through donations from players.While most of the games you can play for free online are created using Flash, some developers are beginning to use HTML5 as the basis of their games. This allows users more freedom since they no longer have to install Adobe Flash Player on their computer.Free games like this are often very simple, but it can keep gamers occupied for hours without having to spend a single cent. You can also play free video games anywhere as long there is a laptop and internet connection as it is portable, which makes it even more attractive.A popular Flash portal where you can find a lot of free Flash based games online is New games are being uploaded daily and you can check for the top 10 games if you’re lazy to search around on your own.There are a lot of classic games that have now been ported to Flash or Java and are free to play online, like PacMan, Snake and Tetris.Social networking sites like Facebook helped popularize the playing of free games online. Many game developers have also turned to Facebook to promote their games. Facebook games also allow users to connect to their friends who are playing the same game.The ability to play with friends is what makes Facebook games so popular to both players and developers alike. You can start your own farm and then send some of your produce to your friends. Or perhaps you find your friend’s restaurant in a complete mess and you decide to help them clean up – for some benefits to yourself, of course!