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For most people, weekly trips to the video store are so routine that you may never have to think twice about doing so. But these days, with all of the new technology sprouting up, it should not be too much of a surprise to learn that you are able to buy video games online now. The benefits of this technology are so numerous, it is hard to condense them down into one list. However, compiled below are three of the top reasons as to why weekly trips to the video store are a thing of the past.1. Perhaps the most apparent reason as to why you would want to buy video games online instead of at the store is that now it is almost as if the store is your house. Logging onto the computer sure beats navigating through traffic and clicking a button to instantly download definitely tops waiting in long lines. Additionally, having all of the game titles at your fingertips online means that you will never be disappointed when one store is all out of the newest release. An online source can just ship from a different location or provide you with an download link that has unlimited resources.2. When you take out the costs of running a physical store with full and part time employees, and upgrade to an efficient online database, a lot of money is saved. That money translates to savings on prices for you, the customer. Downloading or ordering online is much more inexpensive than in-store purchases. If you combine your savings for ordering online, you will see that it really adds up, and most of the time you will end up saving over fifty percent off in-store prices why you buy video games online instead.3. Lastly, if you have not been convinced to start to buy video games online, then maybe this will: you get the best support online. Online support teams for online video game stores are much better than in-store staff. This is the case because most of the time you will see inexperienced teens working at the local video store. However, online, you have passionate, trained professionals who know their stuff about gaming and customer service. Even if you have worries about receiving your orders through the mail or through instant download, you can be assured that a staff member will guide you when you need help or have any questions.Ordering and downloading online has proven to be a convenient, inexpensive alternative to video game stores. Always check to make sure you use a reputable source. Happy gaming!