Upcoming Video Games – Watch Out for These Hot Releases | sayacouture.info

This summer had the release of a great number of video games for all systems, including the PC.  In fact there are so many games that are being released every week that it is hard for gamers to keep up with either the finances required or the time to spend purchasing and playing these new games.  However, there are a few upcoming video games for gamers to get excited about in the coming weeks and months.First, and quickest, is Halo: Reach.  This is the much anticipated “prequel” to the Halo saga.  It features a single player campaign that will tell the story of the fall of Reach and leads right up to (storyline-wise) the rise of Master Sergeant, the shining star of the Halo series.  This game will also feature multiplayer modes with new weapons and gadgets as well as new vehicles and game modes.  Halo: Reach will release on September 14th for $59.99 for the standard edition.  Microsoft has also released a special edition X-Box that will come bundled with the game.  This game is sure to make a huge splash and if it is a title you wish to add to your collection, you should probably pre-order it to ensure that it is available.If you would rather slaughter zombies instead of fighting in the Halo universe, you will be in luck with the upcoming video game Dead Rising 2.  This is the highly anticipated sequel to Dead Rising and will feature a highly interactive environment, where you can take miscellaneous items, combine them and make new weapons out of them.  Things like using a rolling trash can to push zombies around or attaching a chain saw to the front of a motorcycle and driving through a horde of zombies will no doubt make for some interesting and hilarious circumstances in this game.  The game will release on September 28th for $59.99.If shooters are not your cup of tea, there is another upcoming video game that might be a better fit.  Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock offers a different spin on the usual Guitar Hero experience.  Not only does it feature a new song list for you to work your way through (including Megadeath), but a new feature will bring more of a story.  Your goal will be to awaken the warriors of rock, who are famous artists, who will then join you to play more difficult songs.  This game will release on September 28th and comes in a variety of styles from just the game to a bundle that will include a guitar, drums, microphone and the game for $179.00.